Timber Management

Growing timber is a sound financial long term investment with short term returns through management of stands. All stands of timber, whether planted or natural, require management to maximize the amount of money you earn from them.

Think of a thinning as an operation that provides income now, but focuses your investment on even greater returns for the future. If you are interested in managing your timber for production and quality, include a thinning operation in your management plans.

Thinning stands of timber, at certain stages during the life of a stand, is the most effective method of increasing stand growth and the value of the stand. Thinning produces an income from the stand as early 10 to 12 years on normal sites, with additional thinning producing income every 5 to 7 years during the life of the stand. Thinning also creates a vigorously growing healthy stand which resist attacks from insects, such as pine beetles and disease.

While money is the most important reason for managing timber stands, other benefits are received trough selective harvesting. Thinning of stands produces needed sunlight on the ground to produce a food source for deer, turkey, quail, and many other wildlife species.

Hunting and fishing camps or just weekend getaways become picturesque with a quality thinning operation of the timber stands surrounding them.

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